Lucy Hooper Dip SM


Dear Lucy

Each year Rotary Club of Sevenoaks Amherst organises a cyclosportive to raise money for Macmillan Cancer support and Hospice in the Weald. This year there were 900 riders and, so far £72,000 has been raised. Further sponsorship money and Gift Aid will increase this figure.

This cyclosportive could not be run without the help of 90+ willing volunteers who assist on the day.

You and your Mum were part of that group of volunteers at both the 2008 and 2009 events. We, the Rotary Club, therefore thank you for your help in making this cyclosportive a premier sporting event in Kent and for helping to raise such a fantastic amount of money for cancer care charities.

The 2010 event will be held on Sunday, 12th September for full details click here

WS Brickell

Rotary Club of Sevenoaks Amherst

Dear Lucy

Thank you very much for your great help. You certainly know how to get the sore muscles working again!
Over the years i have had massages by different people and you are by far the best!

Thank you also for your advice on exercises how to stay fit and flexible.

I would highly recommend anyone to see Lucy if you have sore muscles or tendons. Check it out!

Thank you Lucy

Dr. J. Einfeldt

Life Transformational Dentist and Facial Aesthetics Practitioner

Dear Lucy

I wanted to thank you for the skill and expertise that you have shown in dealing with the tendon problems that i have been experiencing in my hands.

When i first came to see you, they were becoming increasingly uncomfortable and you have worked miracles over the last couple of months in stretching them out and easing the discomfort that i was experiencing.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone suffering with muscle, ligament or tendon injuries.

Thanks once again,

David Muncaster

I was initially referred to Lucy Hooper in October 2006 by my fitness trainer at David Lloyd Kings Hill since I had severely restricted flexibility and mobility of my upper limbs and persistent pain in my right shoulder, attributed to a repetitive strain injury used by excessive use of a computer keyboard and mouse and poor posture at my workplace.

Initially I was a little skeptical of whether where was any benefit to be gained from sports massage therapy, but as my limited upper body mobility was severely affected my gym programme and I was in considerable pain from the repetitive stain injury felt that it was an option worth a try.

I initially booked a course of six sessions with Lucy and even after the first session was amazed with the improvement in my back and shoulders. After the initial course of treatment I had considerably more movement and flexibility in my shoulders and arms and my back was considerably less painful.

Since then I have continued to visit Lucy on a monthly basis and after 18 months my shoulder and neck is completely pain free and I have considerably more flexibility in my upper body. She has also worked wonders on my “tennis elbow” which flared up recently.

Lucy is extremely professional in her approach. At all times as the client you feel very much in control and basically you decide what you want treated and how. In addition to her therapeutic massage she is also willing to suggest an appropriate regime of exercises to supplement the treatment. She is very adaptable and will do her best to accommodate a new client at short notice.

I would unreservedly recommend Lucy Hooper to any prospective client and indeed have come to regard her as an essential part of my fitness and well-being programme.

Paul Apps - Aylesford Kent

As a top instructor I need to make sure my level of fitness is at it’s highest, I recently hurt my foot on a 100K session and needed to be fit and well for a sponsored event fast, Lucy was great, she came out to see me at work and was able to get me back on track and at my peak performance within a short space of time. I will be using her services in the future, as she has an exceptional understanding and is extremely professional, thanks for all your help

Mike - Spin and Track Instructor

Deep tissue & Sports Massage Therapist

                Registered and Insured